Brainnovation: become a creative problem solver

Optimize your brain power. Survive in a changing world. Come up with new ideas when needed. Become confident in handling challenges. See opportunities in limitations.

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"This method taught me how to use the most powerful instrument we have: the brain. I can now see problems better and solve them more effectively."

- Michal Babicz, junior marketing specialist at Fundacja DKMS & graduate of Fontys International Business School

"I will always continue to use the Brainnovation method, both during my studies and in my personal life!"

- Suhail Ahmad, co-founder at Nulap & graduate of Fontys International Business School

"I have fun now in facing challenges, because I know how to handle them in a structured way!"

- Margaret Lehmann, consultant at Accenture & graduate of Fontys International Business School


Building Confidence - Anywhere Access - Scientifically Based

Brainnovation™ is not just another problem solving method - it picks up where the other methods stop. Where most methods end with “diverge”, Brainnovation™ continues. Brainnovation's Six Step Cycle of Creativity turns you into a professional problem solver.